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How Does A Man Become A Mason?

Below are some common questions that apply to Masonic membership in the State of Florida.

Who is in charge of Masonry in Florida?

All Masonic Lodges in the State of Florida are governed by the Grand Lodge of the State of Florida who governs and establishes all rules for Florida Masons.  Each individual “Blue” Lodge may establish its own rules particular to its members that do not conflict with the rules of the Grand Lodge of Florida. 

What type of Lodge is Oleeta West Dade Lodge #145?

Oleeta West Dade Lodge in Miami Springs, Florida is a Blue Lodge.  This means that its work concerns the first three degrees in Masonry.  There are other Masonic bodies and Orders beyond Blue Lodge, but Blue Lodge is the primary working Lodge of all Masons.  As such, all Masons must be a member of a Blue Lodge in Florida to participate in any other Orders and bodies.  

What are the requirements for becoming a Mason?

A candidate must be male, at least 18 years of age, professes a belief in a Supreme Being, and is of good character.  Good moral character includes having all legal civil rights and liberties free and unrestricted, typically this requires a background check. 

Can minorities be Masons?

Of course, any candidate who meets the requirements listed above is eligible, regardless of race, color or creed. Some our most valued and cherished Brother come from diverse backgrounds, races, and religions.  This gives us strength as a Lodge and Masonic Community.

I have a physical disability. Can I be a Mason?

Yes: provided that, you meet eligibility and can attend Lodge and meet the non-physical requirements listed above.  The lodge that you ultimately join will work to accommodate your needs.

Can atheists be a Mason?

No. The only moral, and somewhat religious, requirement is that candidates believe in a Supreme Being.  If you can in good faith and honesty profess such a belief, regardless of your religious affiliation, then you are eligible to be a Mason.  Therefore, an atheist cannot knowingly be a Mason.

Why are there separate Orders for Men & Women in Masonry?

The concept behind distinct Lodges and Orders for men and women goes to the idea of fostering “brotherhood” and “sisterhood.”  The idea of having someone you trust who can see things from your own perspective of life experience. It is the idea of having someone like that, beyond family and friends, who is there for life’s triumphs and equally there for its sorrows as your fellow “brother” or “sister” who understands you from all aspects.  Similarly, each Order has distinct rituals particular to the life experiences of men, and to the life experiences women, that gives a fuller meaning of Masonry to each. This said, both Orders do participate in joint activities, charities and causes.      

How do I select a Lodge?

Selection of a Lodge has two parts. One is that it should be relatively close to where you either work or live to participate regularly and fully. The second is the synergy you have with its members. Some Lodges compose diverse members from the community.  Some Lodges tend to compose members from certain professions or line of work that draws similar men to that Lodge.  This is not planned but happens organically over years. The key to finding which Lodge is right for you. Start by contacting and visiting the particular Lodge in which you are interested. Visit them and meet the men who may become your Lodge Brothers. Let them get to know you as a person.  Masonry is a large family.  It is best that you find that part of it that you feel comfortable and has the synergy to make you a better man through its Brotherhood.     

OK, I’m interested– how do I proceed?

You can call us at (305) 883-7255 or email us at and we will assist you.  Should you know someone who is a Freemason, feel free to talk with them directly.  Otherwise, coordinate with us to visit us at our Fellowship Dinners where we can get to know you, and you get to know us. We can answer questions there too.  Once you, and our Brothers, get to know one another, then ask to have your Petition signed and reviewed.  Then Lodge will work with you on the rest of the application process.