Masonic Education is an ongoing process whereby all Masons, throughout the world, further their knowledge about the Craft. It begins with education for candidates about the Three Symbolic Degrees, and it continues with instruction of Masonic history, tradition, philosophy, Masonic Law, Lodge administration, and procedures in the everyday management of the Lodges. My Brothers, the world over, you should have a working knowledge of these topics, not only as Lodge Officers, but as dedicated Masons. If not, now is the time to prepare yourself. As Freemasons, one should always remember, “AN EDUCATED MASON IS A DEDICATED MASON.” As we endeavor to educate more of our Brothers in Masonry, we will see that this is a true phrase. As they learn, they become more active and attendance increases and stronger bonds are developed between themselves. Even the most learned men learn something new each day. This keeps us interested and active. It will take work and dedication on our part, but the results will be very rewarding.